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Running: Descending Speed Intervals

This workout is designed to challenge an athlete’s pacing strategy. Go out too hard in the first five intervals, and it will be very difficult to finish the workout with your quickest times. The key to this session is patience! Record your splits for this workout and try to get a little bit faster on each interval. If you are feeling good, those last two intervals should be your best effort. If you are not able to progress this workout, you may want to spend a little more time locking in your efforts so that you can nail your pacing on race day.


Warm Up

15 minutes building from an easy aerobic effort to a high aerobic effort.

Main Set

10 x 3 minutes with 1 minute walking rest between intervals. Execute the first five intervals at a tempo effort, the next three intervals at a sub threshold effort, and the final two intervals at a super threshold effort.

Cool Down

5 - 15 minutes at an easy effort

Total: 60 – 70 minutes


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