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Cycling: Aerobic Low Cadence Intervals

If you are looking to increase your cycling specific leg strength, low cadence intervals are ideal. Prior to attempting any low cadence intervals at a higher intensity, you should spend some time doing these types of workouts at an aerobic intensity. Remember, just because the intensity is lower does not mean that your legs won’t hurt during this session. If you have a strength limiter, riding steady around 70rpm (revolutions per minute) can be quite challenging. Improving your strength on the bike means less fatigue and more power, so be sure to incorporate these sessions regularly. If you find yourself riding aimlessly on the trainer in the winter, adding in some low cadence efforts can really spice up your ride.


Warm Up

30 minutes building from a low aerobic effort to a hard aerobic effort.

Main Set

2 x 15 minutes at an aerobic effort. Keep cadence around 70rpm.

5 minutes at an aerobic effort at 90rpm between low cadence intervals.

Cool Down

5 – 20 minutes easy spin

Total: 75 – 90 minutes


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