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Running: Strides

While most of this workout is aerobic, the four “strides” at the end sets this apart. So, what exactly is a stride? A stride is a short running effort that starts from a stopped position and builds to a sprint. Some athletes think that a stride is meant to build speed, but its actual purpose is to enforce correct running form. When executing a stride, focus on maintaining a compact arm carriage while intentional pumping your arms. Try to keep any vertical oscillation to a minimum. Focus on quick foot strikes with a forward lean. Be careful to avoid over striding. Your leading foot should still land under your body, not out in front of it. When running at this effort, your form tends to correct itself, so be sure to pay attention to how it feels. Then apply the same feeling to your easier runs.


Warm Up

Activate / Stretch

Main Set

Build duration (30 – 50 minutes) from a low aerobic effort to a hard aerobic effort.

Finish with 4 x :20 on :60 walking rest. Build each 20 second interval to an all-out effort. Note: you are only holding the all-out effort for about 10 seconds.

Cool Down

5 minutes at an easy effort

Total: 40 – 60 minutes


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