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Cycling: Trainer 2-Step

Low cadence cycling is great for building cycling specific leg strength, especially when performed at a threshold effort. The intervals in this workout are short, but they are meant to be very intense. Pick a gear that allows you to maintain a lower cadence (around 70 revolutions per minute) while still going as hard as possible. Keep in mind, these intervals are not meant to be “all-out”. That means that pacing is still important for this workout. Try to hold your effort throughout all the intervals without falling off. If you do fall off, you will know to be a little more controlled during the first few intervals.


Warm Up

15 minutes building from an easy spin to a low aerobic effort.

5 minutes at 70rpm building from an aerobic effort to a tempo effort.

Main Set

10 x 2 minutes at a super threshold effort at 70rpm. 1 minute easy spin at 90rpm between intervals.

Cool Down

10 – 25 minutes easy spin

Total: 60 – 75 minutes


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