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Cycling: Turbo Grind

Riding the trainer (also known as a “turbo”) without a specific plan can be very unmotivating. This often leads to lackluster workouts that fall well below your goal zone. The key to a successful trainer workout is engagement, and this workout provides plenty of that. This workout begins with single leg drills. Unclip one foot and let it hang to the side or rest it on your trainer. Pedal with one leg and try to “feel” any dead spots in your pedal stroke. If you struggle with one leg cycling drills, you may have an inefficient pedal stroke. While you are pedaling with one leg, you should feel like you are applying force to the pedal through the entire revolution. Once you complete the drill portion of this workout, lock into some variable paced cycling. Riding at a lower cadence allows you to really feel your pedal stroke. This is ideal after completing single leg drills. Be sure to incorporate this workout early in your training cycle so you can start to build cycling specific leg strength.


Warm Up

15 minutes building from an easy spin to a low aerobic effort.

Pre Set

10 minutes at a low aerobic effort done as (0:30 left leg only, 0:30 both legs, 0:30 right leg only, 0:30 both legs)

5 minutes easy spin

Main Set

3 x 10 minutes done as (6 minutes at a threshold effort at 70rpm + 4 minutes at a tempo effort at 100rpm). 5 minutes easy spin at 90rpm between intervals

Cool Down

15 – 30 minutes easy spin

Total: 90 – 105 minutes


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