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Running: 3 x 15 minute Race Prep

This workout is ideal for athletes preparing for a half marathon, a marathon, a half distance triathlon or possibly even a full distance triathlon. The main set gives you the chance to really practice your pacing for a long-distance running event. Plan to start each interval at a tempo effort, and then slowly build toward your race pace. If you are preparing for a marathon or a full distance triathlon, it may be better to start each interval at an aerobic effort before building into more of a tempo / sub threshold effort. The key to this workout is finishing each interval at a pace that is appropriate for the distance you are racing. This workout would be most ideal in the final 6 weeks leading into your goal race.


Warm Up

10 minutes building from an easy aerobic effort to a high aerobic effort.

Pre Set

5 x :30 with :30 walking rest between intervals.

Build each 30 seconds to a threshold effort.

Main Set

3 x 15 minutes with 5 minutes easy between intervals.

Build from a tempo effort to a threshold effort.

Cool Down

5 - 15 minutes easy

Total: 80 – 90 minutes

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