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Swimming: H.I.T. Intervals

This workout will push you to explore your anaerobic swimming ability. The key to this workout is staying disciplined with the rest intervals. It is so easy to take a few extra seconds of rest, but that really changes the structure of this workout. Since the prescribed effort is “all-out”, we expect your intervals to get slower throughout the set. It is important to focus on maintaining the best form possible despite your fatigue. Also, the 800 yard “cool down” is meant to be aerobic. This long interval is meant to be challenging. We expect you to be carrying quite a bit of fatigue after the main set. So, do your best to stay mentally focused all the way until the end.


Warm Up

4 x 100 easy swim

400 aerobic swim with pull buoy

Main Set

8 x 50 all-out swim on :15 rest

1 x 100 easy swim with pull buoy on :30 rest

8 x 50 all-out swim with pull buoy and paddles on :15 rest

1 x 100 easy swim with pull buoy on :30 rest

8 x 50 all-out swim on :15 rest

Cool Down

800 aerobic swim

Total: 3,000 yards

*If you are looking to reduce the length of this workout, remove yardage from the warm up or remove a portion of the cool down. Note: This workout is most effective if you keep at least 400 yards of aerobic swimming after the main set.


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