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Swimming: Marker Set

Throughout your training cycle, it is important to repeat workouts to track progress. Accurately measuring your progress allows you to adjust your upcoming training. This workout can and should be repeated. It will give you a great idea of your current threshold pace in the water. Essentially, your average time for the 10 x 100 yard intervals will be about 5 seconds faster per 100 yards than your threshold pace. We recommend performing this test set during a lower volume recovery week. This will minimize the effect of fatigue on the results, which makes the data more comparable to previous tests.


Warm Up

4 x 100 easy swim

200 aerobic swim with pull buoy

Pre Set

8 x 50 swim (descend each interval from east to all-out) on :20 rest

Main Set

10 x 100 best sustainable effort swim on :15 rest

Cool Down

800 easy swim with pull buoy and paddles

Total: 2,800 yards


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