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Triathlon: Lost in Transition

Transitions are triathlons' fourth discipline, but how often are you practicing them? If you are like most triathletes, the answer is “not often enough”. Transitions may be less important in an Ironman, but they are extremely important for short course racing. Don’t leave this part of your race to chance! Even practicing your transitions once can have a huge impact on your race. If you remember, hit the lap button on your watch before and after your transition. Try your best to improve your transition times, even as you get more tired. Being able to cruise through your transition, despite fatigue, will have you saving valuable seconds at your next race.


SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: This workout should be done at a running track. Set up your bike on a trainer in the outside lane. Set up your transition area near your bike. Try to set up your transition area the same way you would on race day.

Warm Up

Bike: 10 minutes building from an easy spin to a low aerobic effort.

Run: 10 minutes building from a low aerobic effort to a high aerobic effort

Main Set

**Repeat 4 times

Bike: 7 minutes at a sub-threshold effort

Quick Transition

Run: 3 minutes at a sub-threshold effort

5 minutes easy spin between bike / run efforts

Cool Down

10 – 25 minutes easy spin

Total: 90 – 105 minutes


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